Sept in Monterey

September 10, 2022

Since I’ve been spending half the year in Puerto Morelos Mexico, traveling back to San Francisco and scuba diving Monterey has been quite the treat!

During my birthday weekend, I decided to spend it scuba diving. We dove metridium mountain where I got to see a very cute but shy female wolf eel peek through her hole.

wolf eel hole

I patiently waited for her to come out a bit more so I can a better close up shot of her. wolf eel close

The white metridiums metridium

and the bright orange sponges gave quite the contrast to the dark waters. sponge

I even got up close and personal with a lingcod who was so content having a staring contest with me. lingcod

Hoping to be back sometime in October.

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Written by Generosa Litton who lives and works in San Francisco, CA and Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Posts are dedicated to my late nephew, Sean Litton.

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