Diving the C56 in December.

December 11, 2021

Puerto Morelos has a very cool ship wreck dive which is a C-56 minesweeper built for the US Navy and was used in the Atlantic ocean during World War II. This ship was purposely sunk in the late 2000s and now serves as a premeir dive site for advanced scuba divers.

With depths reaching 90 feet, the highlight of this dive site is outside the wreck. Hovering at around 60 feet in the front or the bow area, you can spot eagle rays flying above, schools of jack, giant grouper, moray eels and stingrays in the sandy bottom.

I have yet to capture a good shot of the wreck so come back often as I will keep trying. Meanwhile, here are the pictures from this December 2021 C-56 dive.

C-56 bow

C-56 porthole

C-56 whole wreck

Hasta luego 👋!

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Written by Generosa Litton who lives and works in San Francisco, CA and Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Posts are dedicated to my late nephew, Sean Litton.

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